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Elevated Photography

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We also offer specialised Elevated Photography / Video solutions. 

Also know as High Shot imaging, we are able to produce and supply high quality and cost effective images using our mast system, which can be adjusted to various heights, up to approx. 7.5m (25 ft), which is very high !!

Unlike Drone / Aerial Photography our system is ground based and enables us to capture images from a perspective that is superb for marketing making your property, or your client’s property really stand out from the crowd.  

The images that we are able go take from these, otherwise unachievable perspectives really can communicate information, environment and amenity that would otherwise be missed. 

You can can check out one of our High Shot / Elevated Masts in the video below. Nothing too elaborate, just like a HUGE tripod with a powered head and digital SLR camera on top that we control from the ground!! 

Call us for more information. We will be happy to discuss how we can help.

The image above  was taken for an Esate Agent client recently who felt their ground level photo just was not good enough for the level of marketing they wanted to achieve. They were delighted with what were able to produce for them. 

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Elevated / High shots are a very cost effective way of being able to show the whole story of a property that would not normally be achievable. We get more and more requests for shots like these as they are a proven and striking method of making your property eyecatching and standout 

See our quick video of just how high and portable our system is below.